Canine Rehabilitation Therapy

Dogs who have arthritis, hip dysplasia, injury and dogs that are post surgery can benefit from Rehabilitation Therapy by the rebuilding of muscle mass. Studies indicate that your pet’s muscles begin to atrophy a day or two after an injury or surgery and if rehab is not started soon thereafter the wound or injury site can have increased swelling due to lack of movement. There can also be loss of muscle control, decreased stability in joints and increased stiffness of tendons and muscles.

Rehabilitation Therapy benefits dogs by building muscle mass throughout their entire body taking pressure off of the affected muscles. Your dog will gain overall strength, which will help relieve pain that may be caused by overcompensation and weak muscles also reducing the chance of a second injury.

Canine Rehabilitation Therapy uses many of the same modalities and techniques for animals as physical therapy does for humans; the two are similar in almost every way. Therapy is focused on building strength, flexibility and range of motion.
We will teach you and your dog customized exercises based on your dogs strength and ability. You will have the opportunity to assist or to watch and will be given home exercises to help your dog gain strength even faster.
The first session which includes evaluation is approximately 45 minutes and each follow up appointment is 30 minutes