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Posted By: Kim Veltri
Posted: 1/16/2016
Comments: DR. Kasman has helped me so much with managing my very senior GSD with her arthritis and degeneration of go her back end. Lauren in the wellness center is a wonderful, caring person who takes exceptional care of my dog during laser treatments. .it’s kept our dog going and added much quality to her long life. My dog loves going which makes all decisions easier.

Posted By: Justina burton
Posted: 1/28/2016
Comments: Dr Kasman solved Abby’s, (my dog) problem and his staff called to follow up and check how she was doing after a couple of days. We were not rushed out and the Dr answered all our questions.

For many years I’ve traveled a 70 mile round trip to bring my pets to the Monroe Animal Hospital. Dr Kasman is caring, gentle and thorough. His staff is welcoming and obviously care about animals.

Posted By: Lisa Flynn
Posted: 6/16/2015
Comments: Hi, my name is Millie, I’m a parakeet and I was cared for by Dr. Kasman, he was very nice and extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, made me feel better. The entire staff was nice to me, thank you for a great experience. I had to be seen right away and we were accommodated immediately which saved my life. Thank you.

Posted By: alan perlman (alan.perlman@hotmail.com)
Posted: 6/2/2014
Comments: the staff is GREAT especially Emily. Dr. Kasman is fantastic and he takes great care of Alexis my aging dog. thanks Dr. Kasman and the entire staff.

Posted By: Lilow
Posted: 4/25/2014
Comments: Hi I’m Lilow and I am a bird. Dr. Kasman saw me today and he was WONDERFUL, KIND, CARING, and most important very KNOWLEDGEABLE. He spoke with my owner in a professional manner and with concern for my health. Emily and Ursuala were TERRIFIC. Emily was so nice on the phone and wonderful in person. She kindly accommodated our time slot. Ursula was assuring and very nice. Thank you all for such a great first visit. I know I will be feeling well soon.